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“In words are seen the state of mind and character
and disposition of the speaker.” (Plutarch)

Success Life Coach and Motivational Speaker Gerald Paul (aka "G") - About GI hate writing autobiographies—probably as much as you hate reading them. What can I possibly say about myself that you would find remotely interesting, or that would communicate extraordinary competence, and evoke deep trust in my integrity? Wow! When said like that it sounds important. I will have to give that some thought!

Meanwhile, let me tell you just a little about myself. Who is this Gerald Paul (aka “G”) life coach and motivational speaker guy anyway? Seems reasonable that you should know something about me.

I have dedicated my life to helping people become the best that they can possibly be. My greatest joy comes from watching people exceed their self imposed limitations, or the limitations imposed on them by others. You have so much to offer this world. I want to help you optimize yourself so that you can have a positive and significant impact on your friends, co-workers, business partners, associates, teams, community, and even the world in which you live.

We all have unique roles to play in making this world a better place to live, work, and play. I make my contribution as a Motivational Keynote Speaker and Success Life Coach. I have been a Motivational Speaker and Life Coach for over 25 years, speaking 120+ times a years, with a focus on leadership and life transformation. During that time I have led several organizations, worked with hundreds of teams, and coached countless individuals.

I have developed a system of strategies called “Human Optimization™.” Human Optimization is a framework of thought, or a system of strategies, designed to help individuals to optimize themselves so that they may increase their ability to succeed. It is a way of identifying what we must focus on to excel, and how to best lay the groundwork for success.

Motivational Speaker - About Page PullquoteI am also a writer. I write personal growth (self-help) articles, and I am currently writing several books. My writing (and speaking) is intended to share strategies that will help you, your teams, and organizations, to maximize your potential, productivity, and performance so that you will achieve increasing levels of success. But that is not all.

The “Human Optimization™” model recognizes the need to increase an individuals skill level, while at the same time enhancing their experience of peace or well-being (or wellness). Skill and peace (or well-being) work together to maximize success and bring joy and happiness to life. My goal is that you can find success and enjoyment in life.

The purpose of this website is twofold:

  • First, this site is designed to help you achieve your ultimate level of success and happiness in life through a system of strategies called “Human Optimization™”. New and valuable content will be added regularly. Feel free to take advantage of the many tools and strategies for success. Keep coming back because like you this site will continue to grow and develop. Enjoy the journey to becoming the best that you can be.
  • Second, as a Success Life Coach and Motivational Keynote Speaker. I’m available to help your teams, businesses, organizations, and associations to achieve their greatest potential by optimizing their greatest assets…people; thus paving the way for success. This site is one avenue through which I can build working relationships with leaders, businesses, corporations, and associations who would like a speaker, trainer, or life coach who will equip and enable them to achieve greater levels success, and deeper levels of peace or well-being.

I would like to help empower you, your teams, and your organization to achieve your maximum potential, to increase your productivity, to make success a reality, and to enhance your existence. You only have one life, and if there is any way that I can help you make your life better and more enjoyable, then I welcome the challenge and opportunity.

Never forget this one thing… Your important! Find someone who will help you achieve your greatest potential and ultimate success. If not me, then someone else…but find someone. You’re worth the investment!


Success Life Coach and Motivational Speaker Gerald Paul (aka "G") - About GIf you are looking for a speaker then check out the “Speaking” information page. Or “Contact G” to discuss any questions you might have and to decide what “Speaking Topic” will meet your needs. G will adapt any presentation to suit your needs: audience, time frame, and setting—keynote, break out, training.

Human Optimization™

Gerald Paul (aka “G”) is the creator and developer of a system of strategies for success and happiness called Human Optimization™. These strategies are designed to help individuals and organizations to maximize the potential of their greatest assets—themselves and their people. The strategies of Human Optimization™ emphasis simultaneous development of skills and strengths with the enhancement of peace or well-being.

Human Optimization™ is designed to help people increase their potential, productivity, and performance—thus paving the way for success. At its foundation it is process of optimizing individual’s, teams, organizations.

To “optimize” means “to make as effective, perfect, or useful as possible” ( G is committed to making people as effective, perfect, and useful as possible. This will help individuals, teams, relationships, and organizations to succeed. Not only will peoples be impacted in a positive way, but it will also contribute to making this world a better place to live, work, and play—one person at a time.

Depression and Anxiety

Depression and other stress related illnesses are currently the number one reason for absenteeism in the workplace. They are also a significant contributing factor to personal failure. While not recognized as a distinct category of the “Human Optimization™” model they are an extension of “peace” or “well-being,” which is foundational to “Human Optimization.” They are so detrimental to an individuals personal success, as well as to organizational success, that they warrant their own focus and will therefore be addressed accordingly. Gerald Paul (aka “G”) is currently working on a comprehensive “Depression and Anxiety Success Guide.” Not meaning that depression will succeed, but that you will succeed over, and despite, depression and anxiety. He is also working on material for “Depression Proofing the Workplace For Success,” and will consult with leaders to reduce, and hopefully eliminate, the detrimental effects of depression and anxiety on your teams and in your work environment.

These are some things that I would like you to know about me. But you can learn a little more about me from “What People Are Saying…”

Feel free to explore this site to discover how Gerald Paul (aka “G”) can help you grow and succeed, while bringing the highest quality of professionalism to your organization.

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